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How does a person move on, when one person likes you, but another has your heart (but broke it) does a person get their closure and completely move on?

P. Rico says:
It’s not actually about completely moving on. It's more of completely understanding. It's an understanding of what happened and why. Did he break your heart because he wasn't ready? Or did he think you weren't the right one and why?

The problem with that is he may not give you the answers. This is where you come in. To move on and be happy in another relationship you need to reevaluate what you loved about this person and any other person you loved for that matter and what you could live without.

Next you must look at what part you played in it. Were you too needy? Or maybe not available enough? It's a slippery slope, but the truth of all this is learning you and what you need. He gave you an idea of what you love. Now it's time to find that in the right person.

Another person walking in after a broken heart will find it hard to get close because there will be barriers. Again, this is where you step in and give yourself time. Do not rush in!! The barrier is there for a reason. It's time to get to know you again and if this person is willing and patient they will understand that. Things may change, but be aware you are the one that gets to say if he stays or goes and when you’re ready to move on.

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